Ground Support Equipment

Enhanced integration, operational capability and maintenance

As part of its fully Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) service, FN Herstal proposes a wide range of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to support FN® airborne products during their whole life time.

FN Herstal GSE includes:

  • FN® D-POD TU
  • FN® HLT Handling and Loading Trolley
  • FN® Tool Kit
  • Protective cover

In particular, the FN® D-POD TU (for Test Unit) ensures optimized level of integration, operational capability and maintenance on rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

It is composed of three complementary modules:

  • The FN® D-POD EMU (Digital Pod Emulator) can be either used in an electronic workshop and connected to any kind of digital Store Management System for initial integration testing. Alternatively, it can be directly plugged into the carrier pylon for checking both the wiring of the aircraft and the two-way communication between the cockpit and the weapon system.
  • The FN® D-AMS EMU (Digital Armament Management System Emulator) operates and ground fires an FN® D-Pod without an aircraft for testing the weapon system after a maintenance operation for instance.
  • The FN® D-MNT APP (Digital Maintenance Application) can be installed on any maintenance computer to which any digital product of FN Herstal’s fixed forward-firing solutions can be connected. This user-friendly application makes maintenance operations easier and quicker for technicians, and enhances logistics and troubleshoot management of the whole system.

Key benefits

  • Maintenance / Troubleshooting on customer’s premises

  • Wide choice of qualified tools dedicated to the end user’s needs

  • Exhaustive list of GSE to support the complete fixed forward range during its whole lifetime

  • Airborne digital suite emulator to perform carrier integration without any weapon systems required