Head-Up Display

The sighting aid by FN Herstal specially designed for axial armaments

The FN® D-HUD (Digital Head-Up Display) is a sighting solution built specifically to improve precision in firing. Axially mounted rockets and machine guns offer cost effective attack capability for rotary wing aircraft. The accuracy of firing may be improved significantly using the FN® D-HUD, which will also reduce the pilot workload and improve target acquisition time. Easy to integrate, the FN® D-HUD offers capability to retrofit in service aircraft platforms to the latest advances in targeting technologies.

Key benefits

  • Compatible with NVIS night vision goggles

  • Coupled with LRF (laser range finder)

  • Direct interface to Armament Management System (AMS)

  • Weapons inventory and status information

  • Ballistic compensation for multiple range of gun calibers and rockets

  • Fixed arm, no moving components

  • Compatible with some legacy targeting system fixation and supports


< 10 kg (including sight system, control panel and computer)

28 VDC

Max 3.5 A

-10°; +4°