FN HERSTAL unveils latest innovations


The latest innovations introduced by FN HERSTAL at EUROSATORY this year will encompass new solutions that integrate modern technologies with weapons to provide enhanced combat, logistics, and communication capabilities – for ground role weapons and integrated weapon systems.

Small Arms– Pursuing development initiated with the introduction of the FN Armatronics™ line, and the subsequent FN FCU™ fire control unit and FN SmartCore® shot counter, FN Herstal is unveiling additional products and services under the FN e-novation™ umbrella.

The FN TASAM™ (Target Acquisition & Situational Awareness Module) uses interoperability of all components of the weapon to provide a number of advanced combat and C4i capabilities – in day and night conditions: situational awareness of both soldier and platoon (using the GPS), target acquisition (using a laser range finder and a camera), and data transfer within the platoon or to higher levels of command (using the FN SmartCore® shot counter and communication network such as Bluetooth, wireless or 3G).

The FN SAM™ (Small Arms Management) is a fully automated software that ensures enhanced maintenance and logistics capabilities. The FN SAM™ coupled with the FN SmartCore® allows reduced operational costs through improved service life of the weapon and optimized maintenance operations, as well as optimized operational availability of the weapon fleet.

Integrated Weapon Systems– FN Herstal further strengthens its position as a world leader in podded weapon systems with the introduction of two major innovations for military helicopters and subsonic aircraft, ensuring superior combat capabilities.

FN podded weapon systems go digital at EUROSATORY this year with the introduction of digital versus analog armament management systems. This new product offers improved integration with existing OEM’s avionics computers and MFDs, and helicopter’s digital hard points. Armament capabilities remain unchanged.

Additionally, FN Herstal will unveil the compact and lightweight FN HUD™ (Head UDisplay). The FN HUD™ is a state-of-the-art sighting solution specifically designed for enhanced firing accuracy in combat using axial armaments, combined with reduced pilot workload and reduced target acquisition time. Easy to integrate on new or in-service helicopter platforms, the FN HUD™ incorporates latest advances in digital electronics and electro-optical systems and is able to communicate with the existing avionics systems aboard the carrier.

Integration of innovative hi-tech solutions into ground role weapons and integrated weapon systems is indicative of FN Herstal’s move into complementary technologies to support the core firearms business.

A comprehensive range of FN products and services will be on display at the EUROSATORY trade show, Paris, from 16 to 20 June 2014 (Belgian Pavilion, hall 6, booth no. F 201).