FN Herstal to Unveil its All-New FN 509

Pistol for Security Forces at Milipol Paris 2017

At Milipol Paris 2017 FN Herstal, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of small arms, will unveil its new specially designed striker pistol for Security Forces: The full-size FN® 509 (9x19mm).

Based on user feedback, FN Herstal has created a handgun offering a new level of durability, reliability and ergonomic design.

The FN® 509’s superior craftsmanship is obvious the moment you pick it up. The slide and grip feature highly effective non-slip surfaces; magazine catch, slide release and safety catch are fully ambidextrous, and interchangeable backstraps adapt to all hand sizes.

This autoloading pistol with a preloaded striker mechanism has been tested successfully with a large number of 9x19mm ammunition types including FN® EP and EPT cartridges.

The FN® 509 is comfortable to shoot, reliable, and accurate. It has a fixed 3-dot luminescent sights, providing fast target acquisition even in low light conditions. The FN® 509 also features a tactile and visible loaded chamber indicator and a 17-round capacity magazine allowing for visual instant ammo check. When combined, all these exceptional design features create a firearm that is expected to be the pistol of choice for Security Forces all over the world.

Product specifications:

– Caliber: 9x19mm
– Mechanism: Pre-loaded striker
– Operating principle: Short recoil
– Overall Length: 188mm (7.4”)
– Barrel Length: 101.6mm (4”)
– Weight (empty magazine): approx. 753 g (approx. 1.66 lb)
– Weight (loaded magazine): approx. 957 g (approx. 2.10 lb)
– Capacity: 17 rounds
– Sights: Fixed 3-dot luminescent sights
– With or without manual safety

The FN® 509 pistol and other advanced firearms in the FN Herstal range can be viewed at FN Herstal booth no. L110 at Milipol Paris 2017, November 21-24.