FN HERSTAL continues to turn

ammunition development strategy into action

FN Herstal further strengthens its position as innovation leader and announces three recent additions to its small caliber ammunition range.

The FN 9mm EP (EuroPolice) duty ammunition delivers more effective stopping power than the standard 9mm ball (FMJ) whilst reducing collateral damage, ensuring maximum efficiency in operational conditions. It features a non-toxic propellant and heavy-metal free projectile for operator safety and reduced environmental impact.

The FN 9mm EPT (EuroPolice Training) ammunition is the training-dedicated complement to the FN 9mm EP duty round. It is ideal for use in indoor shooting ranges, as it drastically limits deterioration of the backstops. Non-toxic for the operator, it features the same trajectory as the FN 9mm EP round, ensuring efficient training.

The FN .50 cal Short Range ammunition allows live firing on ranges that are safe for 7.62 NATO ammunition. The short range bullet has the same trajectory up to 800m, allowing realistic training with .50 cal weapons on shooting ranges that could not normally be used.

Contracts for the supply of these three new types of cartridges have already been secured with military or law enforcement agencies in Europe. These new developments will be on display at two major European trade shows this year: ENFORCE TAC in Nuremberg, Germany (5 6 March) and EUROSATORY in Paris, France (16-20 June).