Shoulder-Fired FN 303® MK2

Less Lethal Launcher

Temporary neutralization of suspects with minimum risk of penetrating injury or collateral damage

The FN 303® less lethal solution relies on a dedicated launcher (Standard or Tactical) combined with an impact projectile for optimum reliability and safety.  The standard shoulder-fired FN 303®, now Mk2, can reach targets up to 50 meters away.

Key Benefits

  • In service with a number of Armed Forces and Special Forces worldwide

  • Extremely accurate (zeroed at 30m) and effective up to 50m

  • No safety distance

  • High capacity magazine: 15 projectiles

  • Operates using compressed air in a detachable and refillable bottle

  • Semi-auto mechanism provides rapid shots

  • No recoil, no noise, no flash, no pyrotechnics

  • Projectiles deliver a sufficiently dissuasive level of pain to gain compliance

A number of accessories fully tested and certified by FN Herstal are proposed with the FN 303® Mk2, as well as a full range of projectiles.

The FN 303® Mk2 less lethal launcher is designed exclusively for military and law enforcement use. Read the operator’s manual carefully and undergo a training course by an FN Herstal certified instructor before using the launcher. Always apply the rules specified in the manual. Inappropriate use of the FN 303® Mk2 launcher can cause fatal injury. Never aim at the head or neck. Only use FN Herstal certified FN 303® projectiles.