Light Crew Served Weapon Solutions

for FN MAG®

Well suited for self-defense and suppressive fire against troops up to 1,000m

The FN® Light Pintle System is ideal for light aircraft and provides effective suppressive fire against light ground targets. It features a 7.62mm FN MAG® machine gun and can be window, door, ramp or externally mounted. When installed on the FN® LDP Turning, the FN® Light Pintle System, can be quickly retracted when not in use.


Key benefits

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Fully mechanical and autonomous from the carrier’s power

  • Easily retractable or removed

  • Soft mount for outstanding balance and accuracy

  • Wide angle of operation

  • Safe, reliable and easy to maintain

  • Locking positions in azimuth and elevation

  • Only officially qualified crew served weapon system for the FN MAG®