FN® M3M Weapon Mount

Land and sea pintle featuring the exclusive .50 cal FN® M3M machine gun

FN Herstal takes advantage of the FN® M3M airborne proven machine gun technology and offers the most powerful weapon system for land and sea applications combining lightweight and compactness.

Key benefits

  • MIL-STD-810 qualified weapon system

  • Cyclic rate of fire 1,100 rpm, i.e. double the rate of the FN® M2HB

  • 300 rounds interchangeable ammo box

  • Optional links and /or cases collector

  • Increased firing power effect with the .50 cal ammunition range, including Multi-Purpose APEI (Armored Piercing Explosive Incendiary)

  • Easy installation with the .50 cal large pintle interface

  • The telescopic shoulder brace gives a large flexibility for short and long range target acquisition

  • Fully mechanical system

  • No cook-off risk (open bolt firing system)

  • Only officially qualified pintle mount for the FN® M3M