The performance of ammunition not only affects a weapon’s effectiveness but also its safety and reliability. FN Herstal, as a firearms manufacturer and the original designer of the most widely used NATO standard calibres, is uniquely placed to ensure perfect compatibility between these two fundamental elements: firearms and ammunition. FN transfer of technology projects, tailored to requirements, allow customers create or improve domestic production.

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Machine Guns FN EVOLYS®

Belgium-based designer and manufacturer of small calibre weapons, associated weapon systems and ammunition FN Herstal has recently announced the entry of a brand-new machine gun with unique features, the FN EVOLYS®.

Pistols & Submachine Guns FN HiPer® The next world benchmark pistol dedicated to Armed Forces and Law Enforcement

FN Herstal’s brand-new 9x19mm FN HiPer® combines in a single handgun utmost ergonomics, reliability and safety.

FN HiPer®