FN 360-degree service 


FN Herstal is committed to delivering high-quality products for defence and security forces, not just when they first enter service, but throughout the product’s life.  

We are a key partner in the long-term maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade of weapon inventories, increasing overall operational performance, reliability and availability of a force’s frontline weapons. Our support solutions are best-in-class from the original equipment manufacturer and tailored to a customer’s specific requirements and operational challenges. 

Why is firearm maintenance so important? Weapons used by military and security forces can stay in service for many years. No matter where they are in their operational life, they must remain as effective and reliable as the day they were delivered. Lives depend on it.   

A well-maintained inventory will also extend the life of weapons and reduce overall lifecycle costs, as well as reducing replacement or renewal expenditure. 

For materiel and inventory managers dealing with the maintenance of defence equipment, FN Herstal’s 360-degree service delivers a complete range of services, designed to maximise cost of ownership and enhance capability without compromising on the equipment’s availability, performance and reliability. 


Why is FN Herstal a perfect service partner? 

Our 360-degree service philosophy starts from the very inception of our weapons. We design our weapons so that parts and assemblies can be easily replaced, as well as making tools and gauges that result in easier and more efficient work for the armourer.  

We can also provide easy-to-fit upgrade kits that bring older-generation weapons to modern standards, leveraging operational feedback from users. This can be suited for short-term projects for a specific weapon system, through to long-term projects for all of a customer’s inventory.  

FN Herstal has been in existence for 135 years, so we have the experience to ensure that weapon systems stay in service for many years, even decades. We have a range of successful case studies around the globe that can be shown to prospective customers. 

FN Herstal can be contracted to provide a range of support services, and working with a reliable gun manufacturer allows the customer to concentrate on critical operational tasks, while reducing costs associated with dedicated personnel and infrastructure.    

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Spare parts and technical assistance 

Spare parts have a critical impact on overall maintenance and availability of weapon systems, particularly if there is a critical need for specific components.  

FN Herstal ensures that customers have access to the parts they require, and that they are available in a timely manner to avoid delays in returning weapons to frontline service. FN experts are on hand to provide spare parts advice and ensure compatibility with your existing firearms. 

FN Herstal’s team of experts are also available to provide technical assistance across a range of areas from maintenance and logistics, to upgrades and troubleshooting. We are committed to being a long-term and reliable partner for customers and making sure they get the most from their weapon inventory.   



FN Herstal provides regular training for instructors and armourers with the aim of transferring knowledge to the customer’s personnel, which improves and optimises end user-level handling and maintenance. This can cover new equipment or existing in-service weapons, as well as accessories and devices. 


Technology Transfer 

FN Herstal also provides packages to customers who wish to set up an ammunition production facility for domestic use from scratch, or expand, adapt, and upgrade an existing plant. 

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Our goal is to be a long-term trusted partner, and this drives our solutions in services support.