FN® Expert

Marksmanship Training System


The FN® Expert system allows marksmanship instruction and combat shooting training. It can be deployed in improvised locations and used with simulated weapons (Airsoft) or duty weapons, dry firing, blank firing, or live firing.

Training system for marksmanship skills:
Aiming – Holding – Breathing – Triggering.



• Designed for military and security forces
• Analyses the shooter’s marksmanship skills: Breathing, Holding, Aiming, Triggering
• Provides feedback showing the shooter’s weak points
• Safe training with duty or instrumented weapon
• Dry, blank and live fire training
• Indoor or outdoor from 5m to 300m
• Different training modes are possible:
o Static (indoors or outdoors): single target at known distance
o Dynamic: one or more shooters moving and engaging multiple targets at unknown distances
• Solution fully deployable in various environments (firing range, police station, gymnasium, ship, etc.)
• Cost-effective solution
• Compatible with any rifle or carbine
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